A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Ouroboros Labyrinth is a top-down puzzle game where you must reach and eat your tail.

Once you start eating, you'll continue until you're tightly woven around the blocks you surround. If the space you surround is empty, you can finish eating and leave no trace.

The game was made by Team Spaghetti (Ethan Tucker, Lex Weeks, and Ben Crocker) for the 2021 K-State Game Jam. It won First Place overall!


  • Use the Arrow Keys to move
  • Press Space to eat
  • Press Z to undo
  • Press R to restart
  • Press F11 to enter fullscreen

Note to judges: You can additionally press Y to skip a level if you're looking to see the later puzzles.

Known Issues:

  • Mac and Linux builds are currently untested; they may or may not work.

Code Libraries Used:

External Assets Used:


ksuspringjam2021-windows.zip 33 MB
ksuspringjam2021-mac.zip 34 MB
ksuspringjam2021-linux.zip 34 MB

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