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Sunset Seeker is a 2d gravity-flipping and teleporting platformer about escaping a cyberpunk city to find the sun.

The game is a submission to the 2020 K-State Game Jam, with the theme of "What goes up must come down." Our game interprets this using the gravity flipping mechanic on the teleporter and the story of climbing up to see the sun going down.


  • Press W to jump
  • Use A and D to walk
  • Point and Left Click to fire your teleporter
  • Left Click again to flip gravity for your teleporter
  • Right Click to warp to your teleporter
  • Press Shift to recall your teleporter
  • Press F11 to enter fullscreen
  • Press N to skip a level if necessary

Created by Team Scratch

  • Ethan Tucker
  • Alex Moffet

Kansas State University


Sunset Seeker Final.zip 15 MB

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