You're a wizard. You remember that much at least. These scrolls aren't labelled anymore, but one of them must be helpful in this situation. Right?

Seplls of Elimination is a RPG where you don't control precisely which move you use - you pick from a set of face down cards instead. Each move from the set is flipped over when used, and you can't use it again until you reshuffle your hand.


  • Click on a card to select a spell
  • Click on a target (yourself or enemies) to use the spell

There are 6 levels before the ending of the game

Source code for the game is available if anyone's interested.

Asset Credits:

Install instructions

Warning: Mac and Linux builds are untested. If you run into issues with them, try the web build instead.


Download 14 MB
Download 14 MB
Download 15 MB


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good sound design